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MTC Technical Seminar on “Clean Air Regulations 2014”
Seberang Jaya, Penang

The Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 2014 or CAR 2014 was gazetted on 4 June 2014. It is set to control emissions of air pollutants from various industrial activities where the legal requirement and administrative burden differ according to the respective industries’ pollution potential.

This new rule emphasises on self-regulation where the factories concerned are to monitor and maintain their air pollution control systems and report on the performance of these systems.

The timber industry falls under various categories of CAR 2014, depending on the operations and processes it adopts as well as the type and amount of pollutants it produces. Existing premises or factories are given a five-year grace period, which is until 5 June 2019 to comply with the regulations under CAR 2014.

However, all new industries, factories and latest installations in existing factories must comply with CAR 2014 with immediate effect. As such, the timber industry is bound to face various challenges in its move to comply with this regulation which centres on more stringent emission limits and best practices, among others.

The Malaysian Timber Council organised the Clean Air Regulations 2014 Seminar on 16 November 2017 to enable stakeholders to have a better understanding of CAR 2014. The seminar will cover the topics below:

a.    What the Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 2014 or CAR 2014 is all about.

b.    What are the available best industry practices which comply with CAR 2014.

The seminar aimed to provide a platform for participants to address issues pertaining to compliance requirements with officers from the Department of Environment.


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Introduction to Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulation 2014 and Compliance Requirements