Timber Associations

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Malaysian Wood Industries Association (MWIA)
The Malaysian Wood Industries Association [MWIA] formerly known as Timber Trade Federation Malaysia was established on 1957 is a voluntary association comprising of 8 State Association in Peninsular Malaysia. Originally comprising of mainly saw millers in Peninsular Malaysia, MWIA now represents members with diversified business interests covering the whole range of upstream and downstream activities in the timber industry with the change of name in 2000.

The list of Malaysian Wood Industries Association affiliated State Associations are:-
  1. Johor Wood Industries Association [Email: jwiassot@gmail.com]
  2. Perak Timber Trade Association [Email: pttapm@gmail.com]
  3. Selangor & Kuala Lumpur Wood Industries Association [1952] [Email: sklwia@gmail.com]
  4. Terengganu Wood Industries Association [Email: twia@hotmail.my]
  5. Kelantan Sawmillers' Association
  6. Negeri Sembilan & Malacca Wood Industries Association
  7. Penang Furniture And Timber Industry Association [Email: pftia.pg@gmail.com]
  8. Pahang Timber Traders' Association
The general objective of Malaysian Wood Industries Association is to promote foster of the interests of the timber industry. In discharging its responsibilities, MWIA has established a close rapport with the Government and its agencies. Our representatives are sitting on the Board of Management of The Malaysian Timber Industry Board [MTIB], The Malaysian Timber Council [MTC], Malaysian Timber Certification Council [mtc] and Forest Research Institute of Malaysia [FRIM].

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The Timber Exporters' Association of Malaysia (TEAM)
The Timber Exporters' Association of Malaysia (TEAM) is an organization that stands on representing the interests of its members since its establishment under its original name of Federation of Malaya Timber Exporters Association (FMTEA) in the year 1955. TEAM has been cooperating with many Government, and private agencies and their counterparts in building business paths and providing solutions to its members.

The Association is powered by a Management Committee led by an active President in support with all the committee members as well as the Auditors that are appointed by the members every two years. The Management and staff of the Association always strive to establish positive growth and promotion of its members' businesses as its priority. This Association is known for its continuous efforts to promote legal and certified timber and timber products, which cover PEFC, MYTLAS, Statement of Legality, etc.

The principal objectives of TEAM are striving to improve the conditions of the timber export trade with particular reference to Peninsular Malaysia and to advocate, support, negotiate on, object to, any legislation affecting the timber export trade.

Representing the interests of all exporters of timber and timber products, particularly places in Peninsular Malaysia and cooperating with the Malaysian Government Authorities with regard to policies and measures dealing with the timber industry in Peninsular Malaysia generally, but with particular attention to the timber export trade from this part of Malaysia.

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Malaysian Wood Moulding & Joinery Council (MWMJC)
The Malaysia Wood Moulding Joinery Council is a member-driven trade association, designed to give strength and unity to its members in supporting the growth of the Malaysian BJC and moulding industry. MWMJC is unique with its membership diversity where fellowship is formed by gathering representatives from different backgrounds in the wood working field. Besides fostering, maintaining and developing communication and co-operation among the industry to governments, governmental agencies, and private organizations, the council also creates platforms to link the industry to individual expertise in the related field, offering the opportunity to learn from the experts and peers.

In line with the global community concern in sustainability of forest resources, MWMJC supports product and process innovation in order to maximize the usability of raw material and minimize the impact to the environment. Since it was formed, MWMJC has continued its mission in moulding the future of high value-added products by building good relationships and joining the hands of each other in the industry.

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The Malaysian Panel-Products Manufactures' Association (MPMA)
Although the history of the plywood industry could be traced as far back as 1940, it was not until the mid-sixties that the need arose for setting up an organisation to represent the interests of the industry as a whole. The Malaysian Plywood Manufacturers' Association was established on 5th August 1965. Unlike most other associations and societies, MPMA was registered under the Companies Ordinances (1940-46) as a Company Limited by Guarantee and is governed by the Companies Act (1965).

When MPMA was initially formed, it included members from Singapore as well. In fact the founder Members consisted of four representatives from Malaysia and three from Singapore. MPMA was described as a Malaysian association although it had membership from Singapore mills. On 15th January 1966, the name was changed to "The Malaysian and Singapore Plywood Manufacturers' Association". However on 23rd September 1967, the association got back her initial name due to Singapore's separation from the Federation of Malaysia.

With the approval of the Registrar of Companies, the association experienced another name changed on 15th April 1991 from "The Malaysian Plywood Manufacturers' Association" to "The Malaysian Panel-Products Manufacturers' Association". The members felt that the change was appropriate as the plywood trade was closely inter-linked with those of other panel products. With the change, MPMA would be able to represent the interests of the plywood and panel products holistically.

The prime objective for which MPMA was first formed was the promotion of the manufacture and use of plywood in the country as well as abroad. This basic aim has not altered over the years. There is still a need for collective efforts in encouraging the wider usage of plywood, veneer and related products amongst consumers in Malaysia and those in the various overseas markets. The second important objective is to provide a common platform for the plywood and panel products manufacturers to get together to discuss common problems and to seek mutually beneficial solutions. In other words, the objective is towards closer co-operation amongst the mills.

The other objectives of MPMA include the following :-
  1. to promote the export of plywood and panel products
  2. to set standards of quality for adoption by panel products manufacturers
  3. to promote efficiency and improve the standard of manufacturing in the industry
  4. to collect and obtain statistics and other information relating to plywood and panel products manufacture
  5. to work closely with the Government Departments particularly the Forestry Department, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia and the Malaysian Timber Industry Board
  6. to establish close rapport and to co-operate closely with the Government and private sector organisation in pursuit of National Policies in relation to wood-based industries
From a small beginning of only 7 members in 1965, MPMA now grown to 96 members, 55 in Peninsular Malaysia, 26 in Sabah and 15 in Sarawak. In 1973, MPMA for the first time opened its doors to companies engaged in activities "related" to the plywood industry as Associate Members bringing the number to 33 Associate Members. The Associate Members found it useful of being part of the family as it gave them direct exposure to the industry. In addition, they are regularly kept informed of any developments in the various markets, both domestically and internationally.

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Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC)
The MFC is a successful merger of two national bodies representing the Malaysian furniture industry, namely, the Malaysian Furniture Industry Council (MFIC) and Malaysia Furniture Entrepreneur Association (MFEA) in September 2014. The merger has brought 3,000 furniture industry players under a new umbrella organisation. MFC has gained prominent recognition in the global market and strives further to make Malaysia the most promising furniture manufacturing centre in the world.

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Association of Bumiputra Timber and Furniture Entrepreneurs (PEKA)
The Association Of Malaysian Bumiputra Timber & Furniture Entrepreneurs or PEKA as it is better and more widely known, traces its beginnings to a group of Bumiputra loggers, sawmillers, timber traders, timber exporters and furniture manufacturers. Realizing the need for collaboration among the Bumiputra players in the industry to compete more effectively in the market, PEKA was founded in 1991 with the principal objective of providing assistance to its members in the following areas:
  • Material Resources
  • Technical Expertise
  • Product Design
  • Marketing
In the true enterprising spirit in which it was formed, membership in PEKA is open to all Bumiputras – from the humble traditional 5-man workshop to the large hi-tech factories with over 300 employees.

There are five bureaus under PEKA which are responsible for Membership & Information Services, Research & Support Services, Furniture Development, Forestry Matters and Industrial Training. Although each has its own functions, they are fully integrated to offer a wide spectrum of services such as
  1. Providing information on the latest research and market situation
  2. Organizing training courses
  3. Organizing forums, dialoque sessions and participation in exhibitions
  4. Assistance in establishing co-operative arrangements such as consortiums
  5. Advisory services and assistance in seeking solutions to wood-related issues
  6. Responding to product enquiries from its members and the public
In order to capitalize on the growing demand for quality wood products both locally and overseas, PEKA formed a company, Konsortium PPKKBM Sdn Bhd, in 1993 as a vehicle for its members to market their products.