Hantu Duri


The common Malaysian name for the tree and timber of Zanthoxylum spp. (Rutaceae). Vernacular names applied include chenkring (Peninsular Malaysia). Major species include Z. myriacanthum and Z. rhetsa. The sapwood is not differentiated from the heartwood, which is yellow to buff-coloured.

Also known as Mullilam (India); Kayu Tanah (Indonesia); and Kaitana and Kayutana (Philippines).


The timber is soft to moderately hard and light to moderately heavy with a density of 335-675 kg/m3 air dry.


Texture is moderately fine and even, with straight grain.


The timber is reported to saw and work easily and finishes to a shiny smooth surface.


The timber is reputed to season well without any splitting but shrinkage is high.


The timber has been used in India for planking, scantlings, handles, legs of beds and for chair making. In the Philippines, it has been used for fine furniture and walking sticks.


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