Penaga Tikus


The common Malaysian name for the trees and timber of Kayea spp. (Guttiferae). Vernacular names applied include bintangor batu (Sabah), mergasing (Sarawak), penaga bayan (Peninsular Malaysia), penaga lilin (Peninsular Malaysia) and penaga sabut (Peninsular Malaysia). Major species include K. grandis, K. kochummeniana, K. lepidota, K. macrantha and K. nuda. The sapwood is not differentiated from the heartwood, which is red-brown or grey-brown with a red tinge. The timber does not have any distinct odour or taste.

Also known as Karol, Kayea and Sianahor (India); Morowetai, Semangkap, Wah, Wetai koeni, Wetai naoe and Wetai singko (Indonesia); and Kaliuas and Yango (Philippines).


The timber is moderately hard to hard and moderately heavy to heavy with a density of 705-880 kg/m3 air dry. The timber is classified under Medium Hardwood in Malaysia.


The timber is non-durable in exposed situation or in contact with the ground.


Texture is fine to moderately fine and even, with straight to shallowly interlocked grain. 


It works well with a smooth finish.


The timber seasons well but is subject to checking and staining.


The timber is infrequently used. It is suitable for indoor usage and may be a suitable cabinet timber. Poles of good form may be useful for fences and round sleepers in temporary tracks.


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