Merbau Kera


The adopted common Malaysian name for the timber of Crudia spp. (Leguminosae). Vernacular names applied include angar-angar (Sabah), babi kurus (Peninsular Malaysia) and jering tupai (Peninsular Malaysia). Major species include C. curtisii, C. reticulata and C. scortechinii. The sapwood is walnut brown or dark yellow-brown and fairly sharply differentiated from the heartwood, which is dark chocolate-brown with lighter–coloured streaks.

Also known as Jemlai and Melapisau (Indonesia); and Ulud (Philippines).


The timber is very hard and very heavy with a density of 930-1,120 kg/m3 air dry.


The timber is moderately durable.


Texture is moderately fine and uneven due to the presence of abundant parenchyma. Grain is interlocked and wavy.


The timber falls into Strength Group A (Burgess, 1958).


It is difficult to work and has a dulling effect on tools.


The timber is suitable for striking tool handles, heavy construction under cover or of a temporary nature and also for flooring, door and window frames. 


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