The Standard Malaysian Name as well as the ASEAN Standard Name for the heavy timber of Strombosia spp. (Olacaceae). Vernacular names applied include petaling gajah (Peninsular Malaysia) and belian landak (Sarawak). Major species include S. ceylanica. The sapwood is light yellow-brown and moderately sharply defined from the heartwood, which is purple-brown to dark brown.

Also known as Bengang, Manggis, Petaling ayer and Sepat (Indonesia); and Tamayuan (Philippines).


The timber is hard and heavy with a density of 815-1,055 kg/m3 air dry.


The timber is reported to be moderately durable.


Texture is fine and even with interlocked grain.


The timber is suitable for temporary construction, posts, flooring, pallets (expendable type), staircase (carriages and stringers) and ornamental items.


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