MTC Profile

The Malaysian Timber Council

The Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) was established in January 1992 to promote the development and growth of the Malaysian timber industry. MTC was formed on the initiative of the timber industry and is governed by a Board of Trustees, whose members are appointed by the Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities.


  • To promote the Malaysian timber trade and develop the market for Malaysian timber products globally;
  • To develop the timber industry by expanding the industry's manufacturing technology base and value-adding its production line;
  • To augment the supply of raw materials for the timber-processing industry;
  • To provide information services to the timber industry;
  • To enhance the global credibility of the Malaysian timber industry.

Corporate Philosophy

To be the lead organisation that develops the Malaysian timber industry into a world leader in the manufacture and trade of timber products.
To ensure the sustainability of the Malaysian timber industry by improving its competitiveness, enhancing market access and creating trade opportunities.

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